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On Shaming, Assuming and Preaching

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On shaming, assuming, and preaching

“It is criminal not to raise your voice” is clear shaming.

“YOU might be privileged, but I cannot stand by and watch while people are dying” is worse. It’s passive-aggressive bullying.

“If you have a shred of humanity, I’m practically begging you to share”, is again shaming.

If you use such words in anger, even inadvertently, people are bound to be hurt and confused at what you’re saying. Even if you didn’t mean to shame or bully, that is how your words look and that is how people will take them.

That said, “This used to be my safe space and you’re spreading negativity”, and, “Spread positivity, not negativity!” in response to political posts, is also shaming.

Both types of shaming are wrong, not because they’re political or a certain “wing” but because they try to preach others’ actions.

It is your right to do whatever you want with the voice you’ve earned on social media.

But it is extremely sad that a majority of people are using it to try and dictate other people’s behaviour, with no thought about their circumstances.

Who are you (who is anyone, really?) to decide how people really feel?

Who are you to assume that someone is spreading negativity when they’re actually sharing their pain and hurt?

Who are you to assume that someone is “privileged” or “against humanity” or “negligent” when they’re probably too busy trying to stay afloat to read/post about things?

The man yelling about how the world doesn’t care might have experienced that uncaring attitude personally.

The girl conspicuously absent from political discussions might have attempted suicide just yesterday because she suffers from depression.

The woman you think is “spreading negativity” might have experienced the power of social media in bringing real change.

The boy who’s vocal about bullying but not much else might have received a death threat for something he said (or didn’t say) on Instagram.

I’m being extreme here, I know. But I want to drive the point home.


You have no idea what the other person is going through…even your closest friends could have issues that you don’t know about, much less someone you barely know online.

So let me reiterate. It is your right to post what you want. What is not okay is bullying others into joining you.


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