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Why I Started Reading Non-Fiction Books

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Non-fiction books

I don’t like reading non-fiction.

Before you start shaking your head at me and spouting cliches like, "But they're so inspiring!" or, "You'll learn so much from them!", let me tell you. That's exactly what I don't want from my books.

Because reading has always been something I do to relax. I’ve always loved escaping into the world of a book, be it a thriller (it’s okay, because good triumphs in the end) or a fantasy (Potterhead for life!).

And of course, non-fiction, with its stories of real people and how to live life, is not relaxing at all. In fact, it's more like work than anything else! So I decided, long ago, that such books were not for me. After all, who needs non-fiction anyway?

This was a mental block, of course. A random irrational bias existing in the mind of a person who considers herself unprejudiced and rational. So, like the mature psychology student I am, I decided that I would make myself read those dratted things until I found a book I liked. That would surely help me get rid of my bias...

So I made a New Year resolution.

Don’t be skeptical. New Year resolutions work if you put your mind to it. And I was determined. I would read 12 non-fiction books by year-end.

For avid readers, 12 during the year is a measly sum. You see those impossible reading challenges online? “I’ll read 100 books this year!” people say. I’m like that, usually. But baby steps. I’ve read a grand total of two non-fiction books in my twenty-or-so years, so I figured 12 was a good number to target.

So, I set out to collect books that I should read during the year. Self-help books like “The Secret” still terrify me, so I wanted to start with a subject that interests me – psychology. I asked a friend of mine to recommend some books and set out to read them.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m rambling on about New Year’s resolutions half-way into the year. And if you know me, you would have guessed the answer, too. I didn’t succeed at first. I picked up a book in January; I swear I did. But it was so supremely boring and I had a host of other, more interesting books just begging to be read!

But the lockdown provided the time and just enough boredom to try again, with another book, this time on social psychology – Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking. Doesn’t the name itself beg you to pick it up? Isn’t it delightfully disdainful of the majority?

Well, it did for me. I identify as an introvert, so this book seemed a perfect place to start. It took a while to absorb all that was in the book, but the good news is, I finished reading it!

Read my review of the book here.

P.S.: A shout out to my friend Monika for inspiring me to start this! I would never have got off my bum and started writing something that actually interested me without her example. She's a new Bookstagrammer with a great blog!

P.P.S.: Did my post inspire you to go scrambling for the book I mentioned? Let me know in the comments!

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May 27, 2020

Off to a great start Anu! Waiting to read more...!


May 27, 2020

It was really Interesting to read. If I already was not a non fictional books reader....I swear I would have become now.


May 27, 2020

Yaay!!! Great start. ❤️ And thanks for the shoutout. 🤭 Looking forward to great content.

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